Immersive Program

The whole B@W enchilada! Our Immersive Program usually begins at 9AM at a Broadway rehearsal studio in midtown.  This allows your team the chance to get out of their regular setting and fully immerse themselves in a creative, free-form space. The day consists of four parts that focus on:

  1. Personal Presence: How do we use our voices and bodies to project confidence? In Part 1, we’ll explore the power of active listening, powerful posture and getting comfortable with new information quickly.
  2. Storytelling Essentials: Build your personal storytelling toolbox that helps you tell your story concisely, organically and with a sense of spontaneity. Part 2 breaks down each individual storyteller using video and peer-to-peer review to “hack” into your best presentation persona.
  3. The 11 O’Clock Number: The 11 O’Clock Number is the big closer that sets your show up to have memorable impact long after the curtain comes down. It also gets your crew outside of their comfort zone and encourages collaboration and support across all members of your team. It’s also super fun and solidifies all you’ve learned throughout the day about projecting confidence even in the face of uncertainty. We’ll be joined by a Broadway performer, music director and director to give you a taste of how Broadway shows come together.
  4. 3×3 Take Away: We end the day with a jam session about key takeaways from each exercise and develop a 3×3 strategy: what are the three objectives you want to accomplish in the next three weeks using the skills you learned onsite?

We wrap around 4:45 PM and prepare to experience Broadway the way you never have before. We begin the evening with dinner with one of B@W’s teachers. Then it’s on to the big show! B@W will secure great seats at the show of your choice (pending availability) followed by exclusive after-show experiences like backstage tours, meet and greet with performers and talkbacks. [approx. 7 hours daytime + 4 hours evening]

Full-Day Workshop

Get the daylong B@W experience, complete with the ultimate B@W team experience: The 11 O’Clock Number finale. [approx. 7 hours]

Half-Day Workshop

Introduce your team to the 4-hour individual storytelling experience, complete with our multi-part exercises, storytelling essentials feedback and the 3×3 Take Away plan. [approx. 4 hours]

*new* PCP: Personal. Company. Product.

Train your team in the art of crafting and delivering the most effective stories for their business: your personal story, your company’s story, and the product’s story. During a PCP training day, we use a mix of improvisation games to tap into what makes each member a great storyteller and then move on to more traditional stand-and-deliver methods for crafting the most effective stories. [approx. 7 hours, includes video feedback]

Director’s Cut

For leaders and managers who are passionate about their leadership journey and empowering their workforce. On Broadway a director is the CEO of the production. From actors, crew, creatives, producers and more, a good director must lead every aspect of a show’s mini ecosystem and make sure that everything flows in the way it’s supposed to in order for their show to maintain that level of excellence for years to come. Our Director’s Cut series teaches executives to not just act like a leader but be a leader. You’ll learn from theatrical directors about how to train, inspire and manage your own cast of characters. [approx. 2 hours]

B@W Happy Hour

Introduce your team to the power of Broadway with a B@W happy hour!  Our happy hours begin with an hour-long group exercise designed to get your team up and moving. We’ll follow with a Q&A with a Broadway performer or creative to introduce your team to a creative storyteller that they normally wouldn’t get the chance to interact with. [approx. 2 hours]

Other Ways To Get B@W  

Work with our staff to put some shine on your offsites, quarterly reviews, team meetings, lunch & learns, thought leadership seminars and rewards & recognition programs.

Multi-Session Pricing 

  • Scale for larger teams with multiple and mixed sessions
  • Multi Session pricing available upon request

Broadway at Work