“If you are looking for something different, immersive, that gets you out of your comfort zone, I highly recommend Broadway at Work. I’ve done a lot of presentation courses, but none with the perspective of theatre, which is an industry from which they tell stories every day and every night. Storytelling is key to any customer facing role, so it’s great to learn these skills from the best!
— Colin Lau, Vice President Commercial Sales, Salesforce

“As a former police officer, I learned early in my career the power of engagement and interpersonal communication. I speak at many customer events and felt a little rusty in my storytelling skills. It’s a vital skill to salespeople but one that often gets pushed to the wayside when an organization finds themselves in hyper-growth mode. Everything we learned, including getting comfortable being uncomfortable, will support my growth as a leader and the exercises I will bring back to my team.”
— Evans Killeen, Northeast Area Vice President, Salesforce

“Broadway at Work allowed us to take risks and ‘try-on’ new forms of expression. The skills we learned are particularly valuable in solution engineering, where we’re tasked with inspiring our customers with the art of the possible. The training was fast-moving, physical and stimulating. With the techniques, I learned I can coach my team to be authentic and thrive as great communicators.”
— Valerie Wolloch, SVP Solution Engineers, Salesforce

“An amazing experience you won’t get anywhere else.”
— Carolyn Crystal, McCann

“Don’t take these workshops if you’re not prepared to quit your job and run away to Broadway…or at least to take the best Broadway has to offer and learn how to use it at work! An incredible day with an incredible team who offered thoughtful, kind, and tailored insights to each participant (occasionally in song!) to help us grow our confidence and crush every presentation.”
— Alex Davies, Central Station Toronto

“The B@W workshop got me out of my comfort zone, taught me valuable lessons about preparation and presentation, and gave me clear takeaways to refine my abilities moving forward. I would highly recommend it to any professional looking to improve their storytelling skills.”
— Daniel Riggi, Rethink Canada


Broadway at Work